Volunteer Positions Available at VIERS:




If you are planning to volunteer, please apply early, often a year in advance.


NOTE:  No paid volunteer positions are available.

No help with airfare.  

No pets are allowed.


VIERS is a no smoking facility.


You must be at least 20 years old.



VIERS Volunteer Support Staff


Stay for two weeks, a month, or a couple of months!


The Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS) offers opportunities for individuals and couples to provide volunteer unpaid services throughout the year.  Volunteers must be at least 20 years old.  Class groups and other large groups cannot be accepted as volunteers. We are not able to accept as volunteers couples accompanied by their young children.


Throughout the entire year, volunteers help VIERS staff with cleaning, weeding, painting and other general activities associated with improving the facility.


From January through May, VIERS hosts university and high school groups as well as a few researchers and tourists as overnight guests.  Assistance is needed with housekeeping [such as cleaning cabins, showers and restrooms as well as laundry], kitchen help [such as meal preparation and presentation as well as cleaning the dining hall and kitchen], museum/store/office [such as presenting guided museum tours and staffing the gift shop] as well as helping with improvement projects [such as painting, light carpentry and electric/plumbing projects]. Extra volunteers are often needed to help when larger groups visit in January and March.  Volunteers with construction skills are sometimes needed for major improvement projects.


From June through August, VIERS hosts a few university and high school groups in addition to providing support for several research groups.


In July, extra volunteers are needed to help with our summer youth camps (ages 7 to 16).  In July, VIERS concentrates on providing direct environmental education to U.S. Virgin Islands and Caribbean students and volunteers are needed in presenting guided hikes, lectures, slide/video presentations, island tours, swimming lessons, lifeguarding, etc. Applicants with youth environmental education experience and/or current lifeguard certification are given preference.


From September through December, VIERS has an occasional group visit that will require guest services, but caretaking, weeding and facility maintenance are the primary activities in the fall.


VIERS operates throughout the day and into the night. Volunteers are assigned duties throughout the day. It is very rare that a volunteer will have a continuous four hour work schedule.  However, improvement projects are usually scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon on days when groups are not visiting VIERS.


Caution: Some activities will make you sweat,

some activities will get you dirty,

and volunteers are often assigned to clean toilets on daily basis!



In recognition of the value of the services rendered, support staff members who provide at least 4 hours of service each day (or at least 28 hours per week) of unpaid volunteer service at VIERS will be provided at no charge:  


$Lodging consisting of a single size bed in a cabin room shared usually with one other volunteer. Staff cabin rooms are either approximately 16 ft x 16 ft (half of a full cabin) or 8 ft x 16 ft (one quarter of a full cabin).  Couples are provided their own room.


$Food for meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at no charge. [Volunteers prepare their own meals except when group meals are prepared.  Food for special diets or specialty items are not provided.]


$Use of laundry facilities at no charge which includes washer, dryer and detergent for the volunteer’s personal clothing.


$Filtered drinking water and ice for personal consumption.


$20% discount on items purchased from the VIERS store.  Items purchased from the canteen are full price.


$Limited access to the internet and web through one computer station located in the VIERS library. There is a fee for connecting to VIERS wireless internet service from personal computers or internet access devices.


$Very limited personal use of VIERS office and/or equipment (office computers, telephone and other office equipment). Some use of VIERS office equipment may require a fee.   



Volunteers are responsible for their personal travel arrangements and travel expenses (including airfare, ferry and taxi) to and from VIERS at all times.  While we try to provide assistance, VIERS is not obligated to provide transportation for personal travel at any time.


Volunteers are responsible for their personal expenses, especially long distance telephone charges. (The use of pre-paid phone cards is encouraged.)  Some cell phones work on the south side of St. John but since VIERS is located at the bottom of three hills, reception is spotty.  Depending on the phone, reception from AT&T is sometimes available.  However, Verizon service is not available on the south side of St. John.] 


Volunteers must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Virgin Islands National Park (VINP), the Drug and Alcohol Policy of the University of the Virgin Islands, and the VIERS Facility Use Policy of Clean Islands International.


Volunteers are not permitted to have overnight guests or guests for meals without the prior permission of the VIERS Administrator or Operations Manager.


Applications are accepted year-round. Send brief bio (no more than one-half page or brief resume of skills, and references with current e-mail addresses to:


Tricia Hopkins, VIERS Administrator, E-mail address: TriciaHopkins@islands.org, Tel: 443-758-7619


Mailing Address: 8219 Elvaton Drive, Pasadena, Maryland 21122


Last updated: April 9, 2017



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